Strathcona Dam project overcomes design obstacle

BC Hydro’s Strathcona Dam Water Discharge Upgrade Project was progressing as planned until a physical water model in 2021 showed some strong water vortices that had the potential to damage the new structure during operations.

Additional time was taken to refine the design and recent water modelling has shown the issue to be resolved.

“This is a large capital project for us, and it’s obviously important that we get the design right to pass high water flows through our proposed outlet channel beside the dam,” said BC Hydro spokesperson, Stephen Watson. “While the original design looked reasonable, a small-scale physical model of the design showed that vortices – or a swirling underwater column – formed at the water intake which could be capable of pulling down air or debris. Debris could damage the new works and equipment.

“We modified the design and built a new physical model this year to test the revised design. And we now have good results to enable us to safely pass the various water flow rates downstream. That’s good news.”

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