Low water levels create Strathcona Dam upgrade prep work opportunity

The low water levels in the Campell River system have created an opportunity for some drilling work to be done on the Strathcona Dam as part of its seismic upgrade.

“The past few years, we have been waiting for an opportune time to do some drilling work on the upstream side of the dam at elevation 214 metres or lower as we continue to prepare for the project,” BC Hydro spokesperson Stephen Watson said in a project update. “The upstream reservoir level generally operates between 212 metres and 220.5 metres. There is now an opportunity to do this important work.”

As part of the planned dam safety upgrades at Strathcona Dam, a section of concrete at the spillway area of the dam needs to be reinforced to enable it to withstand future seismic events. A small investigation is required to understand the depth of the bedrock at this location to ensure the design will be safe and constructable. BC Hydro needs the reservoir to be down to the 214 metre level to enable dry access to the spillway approach channel and get a small excavator in place. The investigation work should only take one day or two days.

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