Trail route changes coming for access to Elk Falls Suspension Bridge

August 28, 2023

People walking to the Elk Falls Suspension Bridge are coming across significant construction activity with excavators and tandem dump trucks working within BC Hydro’s former John Hart penstock corridor.

That construction work will increase this fall and will require the trail route to shift a few times as people walk to the falls from the Elk Falls Suspension Bridge parking lot. These trail changes will continue to keep people safe and away from the construction activity.

“We will be removing about 75,000 cubic metres, or about 30 Olympic-sized swimming pools, of dredgeate material from the John Hart Reservoir just upstream of the John Hart Dam,” says Stephen Watson, BC Hydro spokesperson. “That material will be placed within the decommissioned penstock corridor to largely fill it in. The dredging work in the reservoir is planned to begin this fall and we’re in the process of building berms within the penstock corridor to contain the material.”

The plan is to complete the berm work within the penstock corridor by the end of October. Aecon-EBC General Partnership is the John Hart Dam Seismic Upgrade Project civil works contractor.

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