DeWind One-Pass Trenching


DeWind is the leading developer and owner/operator of a fleet of Deep One-Pass Trenching machines. The fleet varies in size, horsepower, and depth capabilities.
• Mix in place cutoff walls to 145+ feet deep/44.2 meters
- No open excavation
- Fast, precise installations
- Trencher fits on tight sites/narrow platforms
- Major horsepower and torque allowing for a very thick/heavy mix to be created
- Trenchers are equipped with hundreds of carbide rock cutting teeth

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Number of Employees


Company Type

Construction and heavy equipment operating companies

Core Services Offered

Cutoff Walls - Groundwater/Product Recovery Systems - Permeable Reactive Barrier Walls - 4'' to 24'' HDPE Pipe Installations - Mass Soil Mixing/Foundation Stabilization - Dewatering - Large Volume Water Supply Systems.... much more!

Major Equipment, Plant or Service Capacity

Custom built Mega Trenchers.
DeWind One-Pass Trenchers are designed, built and operated by DeWind. Operating all across the US - Canada - Mexico. DeWind has operated in Canada on many projects over the past 30+ years.

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