BC Hydro’s seismic upgrade work at John Hart Dam progressing

November 10, 2023

Project work began last summer and now about 130 people are working at the John Hart Dam site to seismically upgrade various components of the dam so it can withstand a 1-in-10,000 year earthquake.

One of the seismic upgrades includes the addition of a water seepage barrier within the largest earthfill section of the dam. Work is starting in mid-November to construct a narrow plastic concrete wall that’s about a metre wide and will go down 32 metres in some areas to connect to the base of the dam.

“The wall is designed to be a mixture of water, cement, bentonite or clay, and sand and gravels so it’s not rigid and can better withstand an earthquake,” says Stephen Watson, BC Hydro spokesperson. “This barrier, along with the existing water barrier wall within the dam, will retain water within the reservoir after a major earthquake.

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