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Information for, and access to, suppliers of goods, equipment and services in the Campbell River Area.

What is a supplier?

A supplier is a business that wishes to provide materials, labour, equipment, technology or services to a major project’s prime contractor.


bq.The portal is a dynamic communications tool, engaging the project owners and businesses in new ways to add value that supports job creations, skilled workforce attraction and business retention, growth and local economic diversification. In addition to providing easy access to a highly valued local supplier database and construction related profile and timely information on major projects, the portal has been the site for businesses to register for project related events such as our highly successful Industry Speed Dating events. – Tom Sparrow, North Island Hospital Project

What does the Major Projects: Campbell River website offer suppliers?

This website offers information and resources of value to suppliers throughout the planning and execution of all registered major projects.

Prior to the awarding of a contract businesses can view a project’s description and outline, including projected trade requirements and timelines. Notices of meetings and related news items are aggregated, centralizing the information in an easy to find manner. By making this information available, potentially years in advance of the actual awarding of the contract, local businesses are able to prepare and position themselves as an attractive resource to the prime contractor.

Once the project has been initiated, the website will offer information from the prime contractor, and continue to publish related bulletins, notices and the experiences of those who have worked on the project.

Most importantly, proponents, and later, the prime contractor will be able to browse the profiles of registered suppliers, to gauge what trades, resources and materials are available locally. Registering with Major Projects: Campbell River allows local suppliers to create a tailored profile for a major project’s prime contractor to browse. This profile should be both relevant and current.

Finally, this website offers information and resources provided by our Community Resource Providers in support of our local suppliers. Community resource providers are organizations that strengthen or empower local businesses through training, education and labour retention/attraction tools and initiatives.