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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Major Projects: Campbell River website

What Constitutes a 'Major Project’?

For the purposes of this website a *Major Project* is one that has a capital cost in excess of $15M Canadian. This requirement may be waived if a project has an economic or social impact disproportionate to its cost.

Who Can Register as a Supplier and Create a Supplier Profile?

A member in good standing of the Campbell River and District Chamber of
Commerce; And/Or A business with a registered business license to operate
within the City of Campbell River and surrounding area.

How Much Does It Cost To Register and Create A Supplier Profile?

The cost of registration is currently a one-time fee of $50. You will be billed an anual servie fee currently set at $20.00 plus GST on the 1st of July each year following your registration.

I Am A Project Owner. How Do I Get My Project Listed?

If you are planning a major project in the Campbell River area or entering the approvals phase please contact the Campbell River and District Chamber of Commerce. (250) 287-4636. We will be happy to discuss listing your project.

I Am a Project Owner. When Should I List My Project?

As many of the resources on this website are tailored to the proponent prior to the completion of their bid, we recommend listing prior to issuing your request for proposals (RFPs). It will be advantageous to be listed during the approvals process as the website provides a vehicle for you to interact with, and notify the municipality and the building trades in particular of public meetings, open houses, and progress through this phase of the project.

I’m a Preferred Proponent (successful bidder). How Do I Publicize A Labour Opportunity for Suppliers or Individuals?

As the contractor you will have a section of the website dedicated to any information you wish to share with Portal users. There are notices that can be published on the website that can alert prospective resources to potential opportunities. The Campbell River Chamber and our Community Resource providers will work closely with you to provide the tools you require to reach out to local businesses and services.

I’m a Preferred Proponent (successful bidder). How Do I Find Local Contracting Resources?

This website has a section called Suppliers. This section contains the profiles of local businesses and suppliers of goods and services targeted directly at providing you with local resources of all types.

The profiles contain data relevant to your needs including coded construction categories, company size, experience, expertise, equipment availability and contact information. All this data is searchable in a number of ways and you can create lists of eligible suppliers.

There are many other resources available to you within this website. If you are unfamiliar with the area we have a profile of Campbell River and links to find out more. If you need to attract qualified employees to the project we can help with that as well.

I’m A Skilled Worker, Apprentice Or Journeyman. Can I Find A Job Here?

While this website does not offer employment directly, our local providers have resources available that may be able to assist you. The supplier profiles may identify local companies that could benefit from your experience.

This website also provides links to some of the many Community Resource provider organizations and services within Campbell River that may be of assistance to workers in need of skills upgrading or training.

How Do I Contact the Preferred Proponent (successful Bidder).?

This is at the discretion of the contractor. Contact information, if available, will be found under the individual project. The Chamber is unable to provide this information.

What Trades And Services Will Be Required On A Project?

We hope that the Owners and/or Prime Contractors of all projects found on this website will provide an estimate or projection of the 'jobs’ necessary for the completion of the project. If available this information will be found under the specific project. For example BC Hydro has provided these projections for the John Hart Project and you can find them under Labour Demands. Services may not be shown, or may only be available following the awarding of the contract. Common sense and experience will have to be used.

I Am A Registered Supplier. How Do I Update My Profile?

You must sign in to the website using your email address and password. After logging in you will be directed to your profile, where you can click the 'Update’ button at the top-right of the page. You can update or remove information at any time by navigating back to the 'Suppliers’ section and clicking 'My Profile’. If you forget your password then another can be sent to you by clicking on the “forgot password” link during the sign-in process. We do not know your password and cannot retrieve it for you.

I Am A Registered Supplier. How Do I Remove My Listing?

Sign in to your account and select the “remove account” button. Confirm that it is your intention to delete your account.

I Am Interested In More Information about the Major Projects Portal. Who Do Contact?

Contact the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce at:

Colleen Evans, Executive Director Campbell River Chamber
(250) 287-4513 or