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Site Overview and Targeted Groups

The Major Projects: Campbell River website is a one-stop community resource targeted at prime contractors and proponents involved in bidding for major construction projects in Campbell River and surrounding area.

This website maximizes the economic opportunities that flow from major construction projects in the area. It was developed to showcases local businesses for prime contractors seeking local services, products and access to a skilled workforce for their projects.
It profiles the capabilities and capacities of local suppliers of construction equipment, processes, labour and support services through a searchable database using construction and contracting industry coding. This information is put in front of the bid proponents well in advance of the procurement and construction phases. The prime contractor, when selected, has access to tools and information encouraging them to engage local suppliers and to develop procurement strategies that maximize local resources.

More than a list of businesses

This website is designed to be useful to:

  • Owners of major projects in Campbell River
  • Project’s Prime Contractor
  • Proponent interested in bidding on Major Projects in Campbell River
  • The municipality as a whole.
    Up-to-date news and notifications of upcoming events associated with major projects in our area
  • Local suppliers of materials, equipment, technology and skilled labour
  • Providers of local resources made available to suppliers in support of their business and labour needs
  • Skilled workers currently living and working outside Campbell River

The Major Projects site was developed for these reasons:

  • Inform bid proponents and major project contractors early on, of the existing capacity of local services, suppliers and workforce as procurement processes are developed
  • Encourage major project contractors to access and engage local suppliers of materials, equipment, expertise and labour throughout the duration of the project
  • Profile major construction projects throughout all procurement phases with timely, relevant project news and notices
  • Provide a supplier database with searchable ‘construction and major project’ relevant fields to encourage the engagement and contracting of local suppliers
  • Provide access that links suppliers, bid proponents and prime contractors to contracting opportunities through networking, speed dating and business info sessions
  • Provide opportunities for local suppliers to prepare to compete for contracts associated with major projects
  • Provide opportunities for job seekers to prepare to compete for jobs associated with major projects
  • Support major project contractors in accessing a skilled workforce to meet their needs
  • Leverage major projects to support job creation, local economic development, a healthy local economy and business growth and retention

Users of the site can be grouped into the following categories:

Project Owners

Major project owners are government agencies such as BC Hydro and the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA), private corporations such as large forestry or mining enterprises and, in some cases, private/public partnerships (P3s).

As an owner, this website is your forum to inform the community about your project throughout its life. It also allows you to engage the community with notices of public meetings, press releases and project milestones.

Project Proponents (Bidders)

Depending on the size and scope of the project, proponents will range from local and regional general contractors to multi-national consortiums with enormous design, engineering, construction and equity resources.

The website offers proponents a convenient overview of Campbell River and demonstrates the business climate, entrepreneurial spirit, workforce skills and the wide range of services available within the community.

Using the provided resources will help proponents as they develop their procurement strategies in response to requests for proposals (RFPs).

Preferred Proponents (Successful Bidders)

The website provides access to community resources that will help the successful bidder attract core personnel to the project.

Through access to a qualified and motivated pool of local businesses and organizations prime contractors will be encouraged to engage local suppliers of materials, equipment, expertise and labour. The website will also help them more efficiently design their procurement strategies using an industry-friendly coding system and a searchable database.

It also provides a central “bulletin board” where prime contractors can post important project notices, announcements and schedules. It also facilitates effective interaction with the community.

Local Suppliers

The website provides timely and accurate project information to local suppliers to help them prepare for, and respond to, opportunities associated with major projects.

Chamber of Commerce members and other local suppliers will have the opportunity to register their companies on this website. Supplier profiles will highlight materials, equipment, service expertise and labour for the benefit of bid proponents and contractors. These profiles are specifically designed to showcase local services tailored to specific projects.

Suppliers will also find economic and workforce resources offered within the community by service providers such as NIEFS (North Island Employment Foundation Society) and NIC (North Island College) that can assist them in training, upgrading, retaining and attracting skilled workers.

Community Resource Providers

Community resource providers include The Chamber of Commerce supporting business retention and growth, Rivercorp promoting economic growth, the City of Campbell River promoting business friendly access to information, NIEFS promoting a robust, highly trained workforce and the Immigrant Welcome Centre providing orientation and retention of newcomers to the community.

This website offers these organizations early notification of projected project requirements and timely project status information that will assist them in tailoring their services to meet anticipated demand.

It also gives them a vehicle through which they can promote specific local initiatives that are targeted at business and labour through various phases of a large project.

Skilled Workers

This website helps the local workforce be fully aware of opportunities that arise from major projects, training and workforce development opportunities that exist within the community.

While the site does not directly offer work or advertise open positions, it will contain notices, resources and links to community provider initiatives that may assist in preparing for employment and business opportunities.

Campbell River workers currently away from home at jobs outside the community can use the website with its various links to monitor potential job opportunities that will enable them to consider re-location back to Campbell River.

The Community at Large

This website is a go-to location to get factual information regarding major projects and the community’s involvement in them.

The cumulative cost of the first project featured on this site – the BC Hydro John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project – is more than $1 billion and construction will extend over a five year period.

It is the goal of everyone connected with this website that as many of these dollars as possible remain in Campbell River.


The Campbell River and District Chamber of Commerce, its partners and community suppliers are committed to making every effort to ensure the information contained on the website is up-to-date and accurate.

We are very fortunate in having BC Hydro so receptive to the inclusion of opportunities and project information that will allow prospective suppliers time to prepare and plan.

The information and data contained on this site are projections and estimates only. While it will provide notifications supplied by the project owners, prime contractors, partners and providers, nothing on this site should be construed as an offer or promise of employment or the supply of goods or services.