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Dara Price


Dara completed her occupational first aid Level 3 in 2010 and worked on preliminary stages of the John Hart project in 2012 when drill testing was being done. When she heard the project was going ahead and growing, she followed up, completing her Level 3 Emergency Medical Responder training and reaching out through the We Wai Kai and aboriginal training society to connect with the John Hart project civil contractor, ASL-JV. She’s been working on the project since work began on the new intake works.


Dara spent all of her growing up years on Quadra Island, but has moved to Campbell River just this month to make the commute to the job site easier.


With a big move just a few weeks under her belt, Dara’s number one hobby these days is setting up her new home and settling in. Of course, there are some ladies league softball games interspersed in there this time of year as well!

Project responsibility:

As first-aid attendant for ASL-JV on the work site at the dam, Dara is primarily responsible for any care required at that location, and also provides labourer support when needed.


“Finishing my training and starting work so quickly – it worked out really well. It’s amazing to be able to do this, on a project like this, and be so close to home.”