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Multicultural and Immigrant Services Association of North Vancouver Island

The Immigrant Welcome Centre provides front line services to support immigrants in the process of navigating Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and to assist with settlement. Creating a community environment that is welcoming and inclusive for newcomers, the Immigrant Welcome Centre works with individuals, families, businesses, and other local organizations to provide referrals for services, connections to services for Credential Recognition and explain Canadian processes. We also offer several Multicultural activity groups that serve as a community connection. These services help both attract and retain newcomers to the community.

Interpretation and translation services are also available in several languages at the Immigrant Welcome Centre. We have assisted in translating materials and providing interpreting for individual clients and local businesses. A huge asset, this fee for service provides support for immigrants, businesses and visitors in our area.

Overview of Services

The Immigrant Welcome Centre’s programs and activities provide the following services to Campbell River and surrounding communities throughout North Vancouver Island.

Immigrant Services

  • Family support through information, referral and orientation to the community.
  • Assistance with forms, applications, and accessing government programs.
  • Language interpretation and translation services.
  • Multicultural women’s group.
  • English conversation & social for immigrants 50 years+.
  • Multicultural family place.
  • Drop-in Multilingual Resource Centre.
  • Citizenship preparation classes.
  • Life skills and educational programs.
  • Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Programs

Community Engagement

  • Community “Annual Walk Away from Racism”
  • “Multiculturalism Week” events
  • “Youth 4 Diversity” project
  • Video and resource library
  • Presentations, workshops and diversity training


Immigrant Welcome Centre
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